Buffets come in many forms. Anyplace where you serve yourself by going up to the counter picking and choosing food is a buffet. A cafeteria that you put food on a tray or put into a take out container is a buffet. Expect to have a bountiful buffet of choices when dining at a buffet.

The buffet originated in Sweden. A smörgåsbord quite literally means a table of sandwiches. Back in the sixteenth century, people would have had choice of snaps or shots. The display was called a smörgåsbord table. It was in a different room. The guests could choose a pre-dinner drink from among the selections of snaps, before sitting at the dinner table.

The buffet, in the form we know now, evolved during the eighteenth century in Europe. The buffet demand and popularity came when the railroads were used by people. Towns grew around railroad station stops which required more buffet places. Buffet is French in origination.

Looking for the most bang for your buck at a restaurant? Bypass the restaurants. You can only get single dishes. Paying for each dish selection can become costly. Your choices would be buffets that are bountiful.

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