It is a well known fact that one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world is wine, a fairly simple beverage made from fermented fruit juice (most frequently grapes). As with all products that have reached notoriety, there are also a lot of manufacturers that do not respect the stages of wine production by either tempering with the recipes (through the use of additives, chemical colorants or preservatives) or by growing the grapes with chemical fertilizers or other toxic substances that greatly diminish the quality of the product.

If you are concerned with what you drink, than you must always purchase and consume natural and well known wine varieties, but most importantly you must be picky when it comes to restaurants and bars. In the quest for a larger profit, a lot of owners serve lower quality wine under some of the most renowned French names. To avoid this you must always go to well referenced establishments, such as a popular wine bar.

If looking for a particular vintage wine (made out of grapes grown in a particular year) you should definitely try some of the wine bars in Paris (where you will find the same authentic flavor in each bottle of your particular favorite batch). No matter what your wine affinity is, from tasting and collecting to less expensive hobbies like collecting wine artwork or if you just want to buy a wine poster, then you have quite a large variety of restaurants and bars where you can do all of this.

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