At BioEquity 2019, Spanish Bioindustry Association ASEBIO has given a sneak peek into its 2018 Annual Report, that each year describes the news and trends from the Spanish Biotech Sector.

The early data suggests that 2018 was a year of historically high specialised investment in biotechnology. More than €94m of private capital were raised in this time period, which marks an 1%-increase compared to 2017. And all signs point to growth: this is the third consecutive year of investment growth in the sector.

2018 also stands out for two corporate transactions made by foreign companies. First, TiGenix was purchased by Takeda for €520m, and Qiagen took over Stat-Dx for €150m. “Unprecedented in our country”, commented ASEBIO.

In terms of geographical investment, Catalonia is the Autonomous Community with the second highest number of biotechnology companies created, with nine businesses in total. Over the last ten years, the region has always been in first or second place in the national ranking.

The full 2018 report will be published in late June.