Seattle biotech company NanoSurface Biomedical, Inc., a leading provider of biomimetic cell-based assay platforms and services, announced today that it has acquired Silene Biotech, a Seattle biotechnology company focused on stem cell banking and services. This acquisition expands NanoSurface’s capabilities in developing human stem cell-based platforms and technologies to accelerate the development of new drugs. Under the agreement, NanoSurface has acquired Silene’s IP, cGMP laboratory facilities, and its research, development, and operations teams. The acquisition will not impact Silene’s ongoing cell banking operations or Silene’s existing customer relationships.

We at NanoSurface are excited to bring Silene Biotech and its team on board to join us in our mission of accelerating drug development with human-relevant stem cell-based assays and technologies. Silene’s experience with patient-specific stem-cell processes will be leveraged in our efforts of developing new assays to help bring safer and more effective medicines to market more quickly.”

Michael Cho, CEO of NanoSurface Biomedical

Silene’s former cofounder Dr. Alex Jiao has joined NanoSurface as Director of Assay Development. Dr. Jiao stated, “Silene has always focused on developing personalized technologies using patient stem cells. This acquisition represents a synergistic combination of Silene’s stem cell processes and experience with NanoSurface’s innovative cell maturation technologies.”

Elliot Fisher, Chief Business Officer of NanoSurface Biomedical commented:

The integration of Silene’s team, facilities, and stem cell logistics experience into NanoSurface’s operations will enable new and broader applications for our combined customer base.”