PHOENIX–()–BioLab Sciences, a regenerative biotechnology company that is creating new ways to regenerate the body for optimal performance, is garnering national attention with a culmination of industry awards for its MyOwn Skin™ product, a regenerative solution for wound care. Most recently, the firm’s flagship product was awarded MedTech Outlook Magazine’s Top 10 Wound Care Solution Provider in 2019 and U.S. Business News Technology Elite 2019’s Most Advanced Wound Care Product. BioLab Sciences was also awarded U.S. Business News Technology Elite 2019’s Most Innovative Regenerative Medicine, Biotech Company award.

A biotechnology solution, MyOwn Skin™ is transforming wound care and how burn victims and those suffering from chronic, non-healing wounds are being treated within the medical field. MyOwn Skin™ leverages a very small sample (1cm²) of a patient’s own skin through a non-surgical procedure to reproduce three 4-inch x 4-inch skin grafts within a week. This eliminates the need to surgically remove, or harvest, large areas of healthy skin from other parts of the patient’s body to produce skin grafts, an operation that often creates a wound more painful than the original wound and increases the potential of infection. MyOwn Skin™ can also be used to accelerate the healing of acute wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers and other difficult-to-heal wounds.

“Each year, more than 305 million acute, traumatic, and burn wounds occur globally. Chronic burn wounds are a critical health issue that is continuing to impact more people,” said Bob Maguire, CEO and president of BioLab Sciences. “Our goal in developing MyOwn Skin™ was to ultimately improve the patient experience by providing a non-invasive, painless solution for chronic and burn wounds that accelerates healing. These recent recognitions further validate our progress and give us fuel to continue forward with developing innovative regenerative technologies that will improve patient care.”

MedTech Outlook Magazine presents an annual listing of 10 companies at the forefront of providing expert wound care solutions and services that are making a big impact in the industry. The companies are selected by the magazine’s editorial board who takes an in-depth review of current wound care solutions providers, evaluating their technical prowess, domain expertise, skills and competencies. In MedTech Outlook Magazine’s feature on this year’s award winners, the publication described BioLab Sciences as “the new face of wound care.”

MyOwn Skin™ is becoming a game changer in the medical field by reducing the need for painful skin grafts procedures for burn victims, which is currently the most common solution for severe skin burns. Through its portfolio of products and patents, the company’s mission is to help expand the human body’s ability to regenerate by developing and manufacturing human cell and tissue therapies as an alternative to invasive, painful and expensive treatment options.

BioLab Sciences was also invited to present its innovative biotechnology at the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care Fall (SAWC Fall) in Las Vegas on October 12-14, 2019. The symposium aims to connect physicians, nurses, physical therapists, researchers, scientists, podiatrists and dietitians with experts in wound care to improve patient outcomes through education. BioLab Sciences will be one of just five companies participating in a round table discussion about innovations in wound care and regenerative therapies.

About BioLab Sciences
BioLab Sciences is a regenerative medicine company focused on creating new ways to regenerate the body for optimal performance. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., BioLab Sciences is expanding the human body’s ability to regenerate by developing and manufacturing human cell and tissue therapies as an alternative to invasive, painful and expensive treatment protocols. Through research and innovation, the company is uncovering better ways to address orthopedic injuries, wound care, pain management, aesthetic medicine, respiratory ailments, cardiovascular indications, ophthalmic issues, and more. Learn more at

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