While the idea of a magic bullet that treats all maladies is a concept grounded in antiquity, antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) get a lot closer than almost any other class of drugs. The coupling of broadly cytotoxic compounds to the precision targeting of monoclonal antibodies creates a therapeutic weapon of disease destruction. Yet, as with most biotherapeutic manufacturing processes, scaling-up these compounds efficiently is never straight forward. Still, with the global ADC market proliferating, scientists and engineers are looking for the best path forward to address their bioprocessing challenges.

In this GENcast, we hear from a panel of ADC experts about how they have addressed some of the most challenging aspects of manufacturing these complex therapeutics and how they are reading the current ADC manufacturing terrain.


Beth Goodrich
Director of Applications Engineering, Global Manufacturing Sciences and Technology (MSAT)

Lisa McDermott
Director, Process and Analytical Development, Millipore Sigma/Merck

William Sanders
Director Process Development Unit

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