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Optimal Cryogenic Cooling eBook coverThe Goldilocks principle—stating that some things need to be “just right”—is incomplete. Exactly how is “just right” reached? This omission is particularly vexing in cryopreservation: one can be sure of the right temperature for cold storage while being uncertain over how, exactly, cooling should proceed.

It’s essential to let science dispel such uncertainties. That’s why we present evidence that reveals an optimal cooling profile—avoiding too fast, and too slow. Additionally, the evidence shows cooling rates should remain steady through most of the cooling period. That is, little or no advantage is conferred by rapid cooling steps.

Cryopreservation is about treading a sure path. It’s crucial to give this step in the process meticulous care in order to support cell survival and function. Optimal cryogenic cooling is based on scientific research. Above all, cryopreservation is a science, not an art. And, in order to develop a process that will scale with your processing volumes, it’s important to follow the data.


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