CHENGDU, China, Oct. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On Oct.10, Chengdu Tianfu Global International Biocity saw the signing of ten project agreements totalling nearly 9B CNY in value and covering modern biopharmaceuticals, innovative chemical drugs, sophisticated medical apparatuses and other important fields.

Geneseeq, a Chinese genetic disease testing giant, intends to invest in a local facility and industrialization base of genetic infection and tumor diagnosis as southwestern China-based its headquarters. They’re devoted to becoming Geneseeq’s second head office in China as well as the pacesetter of testing & diagnosis in midwestern China.

Shanghai Siyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., a leading Chinese soft robotics manufacturer, will build a rehabilitation platform that integrates the hospital, community and family. At the same time, Siyi will locate its operating head office, listed company office and manufacturing facility to Tianfu International Biocity.

“Tianfu International Biocity helps us with both investment and subsidy to support the projects and solve investment and financing problems. From the perspective of upstream and downstream analysis, improve the industry chain and save us a lot time in upstream-downstream communication,” said Yin Ganggang, founder of Siyi.

“The signing of these agreements will make bioindustrial innovation transformation. In the future, the biocity will continue to build more project clusters that consistently gain in magnitude and promote the industry of pharmaceuticals,” said the spokesman of Chengdu Tianfu International Biocity.

Commenced in March 2016 and located in southwestern Shuangliu (part of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan), Chengdu Tianfu International Biocity has a planned area of around 44 square kilometers. The Biocity includes five industries, i.e. biopharmaceuticals, innovative chemical drugs, high-performance medical equipment, professional outsourcing service and health service. These industries are intended to promote the close combination of the industry chain, innovation chain and supply chain, therefore adding to the local driving force and competitiveness of the modern industry.

Since foundation, Tianfu International Biocity has seen its bioindustry gain in economic contribution and competitiveness. The first-phase 9-km city framework is already in place.

In order to attract investments from biopharmaceutical professionals, Chengdu Tianfu International Ecocity attaches importance to urban livability, constant improvements in urban functions, worker-inhabitant balance improvement and life convenience in order to meet the residential requirements of local people and company employees. Yong’an Lake Urban Forest Park, Incubator Shopping Street, community complexes and other business models are contributing step by step to such consumer markets as food, hospitality, travel, tourism, shopping and recreation. Now, Chengdu Tianfu International Biocity is on its way to becoming a global base of innovative biopharmaceuticals.

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