NEW YORK, Oct. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dr Faika Khan CEO of CITY DOCTOR PVT. LTD. and Mr. Ali J Hashmat of CURE PARTNERS PVT. LTD. announced 100% acquisition of “The Medical laboratory Pvt. Ltd.” Doing Businesses as (DBA) ZEENAT LAB, one of the most renowned lab with a history of over 50 plus years serving the community. ZEENAT LAB is a pioneer in the field of diagnostics and is best known for its broad spectrum of clinical laboratory testing is designed to provide accurate and meaningful results.

Dr. Faika khan and Mr. Ali J Hashmat, embraced the opportunity to further develop ZEENAT LAB and take the legacy of Dr. Zeenat and Dr. Mubashar Hussain. This acquisition will leverage expertise in advanced clinical settings, technology, customer service, training, support combined with the intelligent design of the laboratory system and ongoing development of State of the Art software by Cure Partners. “By investing in this venture we are investing in the future of Pakistan and continuing our commitment to provide innovative solutions for its customers,” said Dr. Faika Khan and Ali J Hashmat directors and founders of City Doctors and Cure Partners.

Dr. Faika Khan is a founder and president of City Doctor and UrgentWay. She is a board certified faculty member of New York University and NorthWell University hospital and recognized among the Top Doctors in America. Mr. Ali J Hashmat is a founder of CureMD, NaVetor, UrgentWay and City Doctor.

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