–  The Choice of Modern Moms: MomMed Breast Pump Stands Out in the Market

NEW YORK, Aug. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MomMed, a renowned mother and baby brand, proudly announces that its flagship product, the S21 Breast Pump, has received three prestigious industry awards in 2023: the NAPPA Awards, Family Choice Awards, and Parents’ Picks Awards. The S21 Breast Pump, launched by MomMed at the end of 2022, quickly garnered widespread acclaim from users. This triple recognition from esteemed industry awards showcases not only the product’s popularity in the market but also its acknowledgment by authoritative organizations.

The Choice of Modern Moms: MomMed Breast Pump Stands Out in the Market
The Choice of Modern Moms: MomMed Breast Pump Stands Out in the Market

The National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA) is one of the longest-running and most respected awards programs in the country. With 33 years of experience in the industry, NAPPA has been continuously celebrated as the go-to source for parents and professionals seeking the best products for their children and families. After a comprehensive month-long evaluation process, MomMed’s S21 Breast Pump successfully obtained the committee’s approval and was honored with the 2023 National Parenting Product Awards.

Some evaluation praised the product, stating, “There are a lot of accessories included. That’s a very nice touch.” “These wearable pumps are a solid option. They are lightweight and a nice shape. The quality is good. The assembly is slightly different than most other pumps in that the diaphragm is a unique bucket shape rather than a small disk.” Some also expressed their satisfaction, saying, “The parts are easy to clean. The charge on the motor is fast, and the battery is long-lasting.” “The box includes many extras such as disposable milk storage bags, two charging cables, a bra extender, replacement diaphragms and duckbill valves, smaller flange inserts, dust bags for the pumps, and even an informative breastfeeding manual. It’s a great all-in-one package.”

The Family Choice Awards honors the best products, services, and resources for all members of a family, including beloved pets. Now in its 19th year, this award program stands as one of the most sought-after, family-friendly consumer awards programs in the nation.

The Parents’ Picks Awards is a leading platform that showcases parent-tested and kid-approved products. To become a Parents’ Picks Award Winner, products undergo a rigorous approval process based on over 50 criteria, including engagement, ease of use, innovativeness, quality, durability, and creative thinking. The awards committee guarantees that each product or service listed on its site comes highly recommended by their team of parents, kids, and experts.

In the 2023 evaluation, the MomMed S21 Breast Pump was selected as the “Winner of a 2023 Family Choice Award” and also received “The Best Baby Products & Toddler Products of 2023” in The Parents’ Picks Awards. The product’s multiple modes and levels, excellent leak-proof performance, lightweight and discreet design, perfect low noise level, and rich array of accessories have gained recognition from both awarding bodies. This recognition further showcases MomMed’s commitment to user-centered design and its dedication to providing premium quality products.

“Receiving these esteemed accolades is a moment of great joy and accomplishment for all of us at MomMed. It reaffirms our commitment to serving the needs of modern moms and supporting them in their breastfeeding journey with the utmost care and compassion.”said Alex, founder of MomMed. “This recognition will further fuel our determination to continue delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower and support mothers on their unique parenting journeys. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of excellence in mother and baby care.”

As World Breastfeeding Week approaches this year, MomMed has also launched a special “Caring and Giving Back” campaign. In addition to inviting real moms for interviews about their breastfeeding experiences, MomMed has collaborated with social influencers for exciting giveaway events. The brand is dedicated to supporting and celebrating the journey of motherhood, and remains committed to providing top-quality products and initiatives that empower and uplift moms everywhere.

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