HONG KONG, Sept. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On the morning of September 14, the unveiling ceremony of Dalian Neusoft University of Information’s affiliated Cardiovascular Hospital and affiliated Stomatological Hospital was held at the phase II square of the provincial-level university science and technology park of the school. This is another engineering oriented university in Dalian that has its own affiliated hospitals after Dalian University of Technology established its affiliated central hospital last year. The unveiling ceremony signifies that Dalian Neusoft University of Information has become the first university in China to simultaneously establish two affiliated hospitals and an applied university that vigorously establish medical and engineering integrated disciplines such as “Medicine + IT”, cultivate high-quality, capable and skilled versatile talents in the field of medical technology and healthcare services.

Dr. LIU Jiren, founder of Neusoft and Chairman of Neusoft Education Technology Group, Dr. WEN Tao, Executive Director, CEO, and President of Neusoft Education Technology Group, Dr. GUO Quan, President of Dalian Neusoft University of Information, Mr. ZHANG Guochen, Party Secretary of Dalian Neusoft University of Information, Mr. WANG Yunbo, CEO of Neusoft Health Medical Management Co., Ltd., Dr. JIANG Changbin, President of Dalian Ruikang Cardiovascular Hospital (Cardiovascular Hospital of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University), and Dr. Ai Hongjun, President of Dalian Ruikang Zhuomei Stomatological Hospital attended the ceremony and unveiled the two affiliated hospitals.

Dalian Ruikang Cardiovascular Hospital (Affiliated Cardiovascular Hospital of Dalian Neusoft University of Information) is a tertiary specialized hospital jointly established by the Second Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University and Neusoft. Dalian Ruikang Zhuomi Stomatological Hospital (Affiliated Cardiovascular Hospital of Dalian Neusoft University of Information) is the second large-scale stomatological specialized hospital in Dalian with tertiary standard. According to the previously signed agreement, all parties will adhere to the cooperation principle of “complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual promotion, and joint development”, integrate the respective advantages of the university and two affiliated hospitals, and jointly build an ecosystem of education and medical integration under the guidance of the research and development of healthcare technology. They will initiate comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in disciplinary and professional construction, talent cultivation, technology research and development, teacher interaction, and other aspects, actively explore new models for cultivating applied healthcare technology talents in line with the new era, create an integrated innovation platform for medical and engineering integration with talent pools and distinctive characteristics, a platform for obtaining and verifying medical research data, and a practical training base for teachers and students in healthcare technology majors, collaborate to generate more innovative technological achievements in medical and engineering integration, enhance the comprehensive strength of universities and hospitals in both directions, further improve the health protection of oral specialized and comprehensive medical care for Dalian citizens, and enhance the medical well-being of the people.

Over the past two decades, Neusoft Education Technology Group, relying closely on the background of Neusoft IT industry, has embarked on a practical and validated journey of integrating industry, academia and research, establishing a leading position in the realm of applied IT professions. Looking towards the future, leveraging the industrial advantages of large-scale digital healthcare production and the big health industry of Neusoft, the Group will further develop university-connected healthcare and elderly education based on the establishment of two affiliated hospitals. This will cultivate new momentum for the development of Neusoft Education Technology, creating an integrated ecosystem where universities, hospitals and elderly care centers coexist, fostering unique synergies among education, medicine and elder care. The goal is to achieve interactive education and medicine, interconnected care and education, and shared benefits between medicine and elder care. Furthermore, we will exert efforts to create new “star professions” in the field of healthcare technology, solidify the distinctive professional cluster of Neusoft Education, characterized by the integration of software and hardware, the convergence of digital arts, the integration of information management and the medical engineering integration, so as to become a pioneer in China’s new ecosystem of healthcare technology education.

Lin Wei

Source: Neusoft Education Technology Co. Limited