SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Castoma, a new breakthrough dairy supplement that can support those suffering from stomach disease, has been launched in Korea. Castoma aims to provide relief and comfort to millions of people who struggle with stomach problems such as gastritis, ulcers, and reflux.

According to the Korean Health Insurance Inspection Agency (HIRA) under the Ministry of Health and Welfare there have been about 14,500 patients treated for peptic ulcers over the past five years, of whom 72% are men.

Regarding age, patients who are 50 years old account for 26%, and those who are 40 years old account for 22%. The number of patients between the ages of 40 and 50 accounts for 48%.

Peptic ulcers are a constant worry for many Korean workers, resulting from stress and living habits that lead to symptoms such as heartburn, gastric reflux, epigastric burning, throat tightness,… and tons of other unpleasant pain that interminably continues.

Castoma – “Golden” solution for peptic ulcers

Castoma, the dairy supplement, uses curcumin as its main ingredient, providing outstanding effects in supporting the treatment of stomach ulcers:

  • It inhibits HP bacteria (Helicobacter Pylori) 40 times more than regular turmeric powder and inhibits the growth of 65 HP strains.
  • It reduces factors that attack the stomach: Curcumin reduces the secretion of gastric acid and pepsin, reducing the activity of substances that promote inflammation in the body.
  • The product increases gastric mucosal protective factors: by increasing mucus concentration and increasing nitric oxide in mucus.
  • It supports anti-inflammation and quickly heals ulcers on the stomach lining.

The product brings back great benefits to actively support the treatment of peptic ulcers, but Curcumin is poorly soluble in water, with less than 1% absorption in the intestine, causing limitations in treatment.

To surmount this limitation, Castoma has been applied nanotechnology to bring Curcumin molecules to the size of microscopic molecules, which are nanoparticles, collectively called Nano Curcumin, hence optimizing the absorption and effectiveness of this powerful natural compound.

Based on the effective anti-inflammatory ability of quantum nanoparticles, they go deep into the stomach and inhibit the growth of HP bacteria – a harmful agent that accounts for up to 80% of the causes of illness in people with stomach diseases nowadays. Castoma with nanotechnology which supports the treatment of stomach pain, is available in milk form and can be consumed daily. 

About Castoma

Castoma is the first milk-based stomach pain relief product available in Korea. Characterized by Nano Curcumin essence, it has the effect of inhibiting HP bacteria 40 times more than regular turmeric powder. Castoma helps improve intestinal problems. The result of many years of research, Castoma brings relief and comfort to millions of people suffering from stomach pain.

In addition to having outstanding advantages from Nano Curcumin, Castoma also contains 13 types of vitamins, beneficial minerals, and dietary fiber to help heal damage to the stomach lining and increase the body’s resistance.

Castoma turmeric milk is a product line that can be used for many different ages and can improve stomach problems: heartburn, reflux, bitter mouth, etc., therefore preventing damage and serious complications due to peptic ulcers.

However, to have a healthy stomach, you also need to have a scientific diet, rest, and get enough sleep. Change your healthy lifestyle and use Castoma every day to make your life happier and healthier – to repel the unpleasant pain that is tormenting your stomach.

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