SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — FUST Lab is a technology-based startup developing highly uniform nanoscale dispersion/emulsification technologies without surfactants, utilizing its original innovative ultrasonic technology. FUST Lab. is also a spin-off company from the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science.

Dispersion/emulsification technology (technology for mixing two or more immiscible substances) is a key technology used in various productions such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, specialty and functional coatings, secondary batteries, and chemicals. The key aspect of this technology is uniformity and stability—keeping the well mixed/dispersed state for a long time—because it has a great influence on the overall performance of products.

In 2023, FUST Lab has launched DEBREX lab-scale (LAB) and small-scale (SS) equipment enabling surfactant-free and uniform nano-emulsion/dispersion, which is selling in Korea. Notable cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies in Korea have contacted FUST Lab for purchase opportunities.

In December 2023, FUST Lab attended the 2023 Innovative Leaders Summit, the largest open innovation event in Asia, and held collaboration discussions with several large Japanese companies, including Mitsubishi Chemical, Nippon Paint, and Nikko Chemical.

In the upcoming June, FUST Lab will participate in the “Manufacturing Equipment” sector at Tokyo Interphex Week 2024 (June 26-28, Big Sight, Tokyo), the largest exhibition for the pharma-bio sector, as the first step to prepare to enter the Japanese market.

FUST Lab DEBREX adopts its original circle-type focused ultrasonic energy that enables the preparation of uniform nano-samples that remain stable over long periods of time without surfactants—which are typically used for dispersion/emulsification.

Surfactant-free dispersion/emulsification facilitates the production of low-viscosity materials, thus allowing a development of high-content/high-functional and eco-friendly products. Moreover, the new design of built-in, inline-process and cooling systems enable mass production as well as consecutive operation for 30 days without downtime and preventing sample thermal damage.

FUST Lab is currently recruiting Japanese distributors and partners for its winning Japanese market entry strategy. FUST Lab hopes to enter the Japanese market by selling its equipment through commercial contracts. For more details, please contact