Pollution is one among the serious cases which needs to be taken care of. Pollution is broadly classified as air, land, water and earth pollution. The term pollution is defined as the undesirable changes in the specific environmental condition. The study on pollution is one among the extensive areas of study in almost all countries around the Globe. The byproducts and used over materials like plastics, disposable plastic bags, medical wastes and other pollutants were reported since two decades along with their adverse effects.

A Primer on Earth Pollution: Pollution Types and Disposal, is an encyclopedia of important research articles and short essays on pollution. Chapters in the initial half provide information about a wide variety of pollutants (dyes and microplastics) and contributing factors (thermal pollution and the impact of GM plants, for instance). Each chapter explains the nature of polluting agents and presents notes and references on preventive measures. Notes on the associated clinical complications due to exposure are also proved where applicable, such as the case of MDR bacteria in marine environments. The latter chapters of the book cover the biotechnology of medical waste disposal using microbes as well as nanotechnology used for limiting the spread of COVID-19.

The volume is a handy reference for students and trainees in the field of environmental science as it brings a balance of basic and applied information on the subject of pollution.