SINGAPORE, Oct. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — UNO Technologies, a rapidly growing Medical Technology (“med tech”) firm based in Singapore, has recently announced its expansion into the Malaysian market. As part of its regional strategy, UNO will team up with Aetos Pharma, a burgeoning Malaysian pharmaceutical upstart, to jointly propel the digital transformation of Malaysia’s private healthcare sector.

UNO Tech and Aetos Pharma accelerating Malaysia's healthcare tech transformation
UNO Tech and Aetos Pharma accelerating Malaysia’s healthcare tech transformation

Malaysia has a rapidly growing medical industry with increasing levels of investments into both public and private healthcare systems. The Malaysian government offers heavily subsidized medical fees to its citizens, while still ensuring the quality of care rendered. With the pandemic disrupting mobility and daily life, Malaysia is also accelerating the digital transformation of its healthcare industry by leveraging the latest technologies. Digitization not only reduces healthcare costs, but also increase efficiency and improves the quality of care for patients.

The Malaysian startup and tech ecosystem is at the cusp of a new wave of innovation with increased interest by global VCs and tech giants. This is further bolstered by the Government’s national ‘MyDigital’ initiative which aims to transform the country into a digitally-driven, high-income nation and a regional leader in the digital economy.

As part of UNO Technologies’ Malaysian expansion plan– the UNO Clinic Management System (UNO CMS), will be the first product available to medical practitioners and businesses. UNO CMS is an end-to-end platform digitizing clinical and operational workflows. The solution provides accurate, up-to-date and actionable data to help physicians, clinics and individuals take smarter decisions. It also helps clinic administrators to run and optimize their business with intelligent tools and efficient processes. Learn more about UNO CMS (

UNO has been working closely with medical practitioners since 2015 and is now expanding its presence in the Southeast Asian region. The first step of this expansion is to establish itself as a dominant player in the Malaysian healthcare market – catalysing UNO’s to expansion into other S.E.A countries.

About Aetos Pharma

Aetos Pharma (Aetos Pharma Sdn Bhd) is a pharmaceutical wholesale company based in Malaysia. Founded in 2019, Aetos Pharma is a distributor and wholesaler for pharmaceutical products such as medicines, medical devices, and OTC products. Clients of Aetos pharma are primarily private hospitals, clinics, and pharmacy chains in Malaysia.

About UNO Technologies

UNO Technologies (UNO Technologies Pte Ltd) is an Asia Focused Med-Tech business with its HQ in Singapore. Since 2015, UNO has provided their clients in the healthcare sector across the region with intelligent, scalable software solutions. UNO believes in leveraging technology to transform the way healthcare professionals and companies engage both their patients and stakeholders. With data analytics tools, a series of healthcare solutions will proliferate through UNO’s open API (application programming interface) architecture, to seamlessly integrate with other web-based solutions, so as to evolve into a web-based ecosystem of solutions for the healthcare industry at large.