HIDA, Japan, Feb. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ALPS Pharmaceutical Ind. Co., Ltd. (President: Osamu Ushimaru), a global pharmaceutical company pioneering phytochemicals in medicine and food, today announced the launch of a water-soluble Quercetin delivery composition, Eubioflavonoid® derived from Sophora Japonica, which delivers more Quercetin to the body in a smaller dose.

Eubioflavonoid®, a Quercetin delivery formula protected by three related U.S. patents, has demonstrated significantly higher absorbability than ordinary Quercetin in a human pharmacokinetics study. Eubioflavonoid® is formulated with all natural food ingredients and is the first Quercetin delivery formulation to achieve high absorption without enzymatic modification or emulsion technology

“In 2012, the Harvard-affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (Boston, MA) discovered that a natural quercetin glycoside has the highest anti-thrombotic activity of more than 5,000 compounds. Although this substance is abundant in nature, it is insoluble in water and has a low oral absorption rate, making it seem practically difficult to effectively deliver Quercetin to the body. This time, by using a newly developed delivery system, we succeeded in delivering the Quercetin Glycoside to the intestines and dramatically improving the absorption rate of Quercetin in the body. Due to the higher absorption rate of Quercetin into the body at a reasonable cost, it is expected to contribute to a variety of healthcare fields* such as functional foods, cosmetics, supplements, and pharmaceuticals in the future ” —- Dr. Mitsunori Ono, Executive Corporate/Technology Advisor, ALPS Pharmaceutical.

*A database of human clinical studies of Quercetin and Quercetin glycosides for health maintenance and promotion since 2011 can be found at the following website:


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Since its founding in 1947, ALPS Pharmaceutical Ind. Co., Ltd (head office in Hida, Japan) has been engaged not only in the business of deriving active ingredients and extracts from natural sources but also in manufacturing of pharmaceutical drug substances. Today, the company’s portfolio comprises flavonoids, glycyrrhizins, protamine, capsaicin, and various Kampo medicines, which are known for their properties of maintaining and improving human health.

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