GULBERT, Ariz., Oct. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Neuragenex, the national healthcare provider focused on non-pharmaceutical pain treatment, announced its continued expansion to bring relief to fibromyalgia patients across the country.

With clinics now operating in Georgia, Texas, Illinois, Tennessee and Utah, Neuragenex aims to ease the suffering of the nearly 4 million Americans from all walks of life afflicted by fibromyalgia in its various forms.

Most misunderstood disease

Fibromyalgia is a complex, frequently misunderstood condition characterized by widespread muscle pain and tenderness, chronic fatigue, sleep disturbances and other debilitating symptoms. Patients often struggle for years to get an accurate diagnosis, shuffling between doctors while their quality of life deteriorates.

Too often, the only solutions offered are heavy pharmaceutical regimens that mask symptoms without addressing underlying dysfunctions. Neuragenex takes a different approach. Through their proprietary Neurofunctional Pain Management protocol, Neuragenex clinicians identify and treat the root physiological factors that contribute to fibromyalgia pain and dysfunction.

A better solution

The Neuragenex approach enables the body’s natural pain relief and regulation mechanisms to reactivate, with patients reporting an average 90% reduction in pain and associated symptoms. “Most doctors don’t have an effective way to handle fibromyalgia, yet they understand the real pain their patients endure.” said Neuragenex CEO Will Bozeman.

Neuragenex welcomes inquiries from medical professionals interested in referring patients to their clinics at the company’s website. CEO Will Bozeman added “When confronted with this difficult and misunderstood condition, it becomes all too easy to simply prescribe medications. We want providers nationwide to know there’s a better solution. Neurofunctional Pain Management protocol offers a much-needed non-pharmaceutical treatment option for fibromyalgia with excellent patient outcomes.”

With continued expansion planned, Neuragenex aims to bring life-changing relief to thousands more fibromyalgia sufferers across the nation. For more information about Fibromyalgia treatment solutions or about Neuragenex and its new clinic locations, please visit the company website at

About Neuragenex

Neuragenex is a pioneering company dedicated to revolutionizing pain management. With an approach that focuses on electroanalgesia, Neuragenex’s treatments have been designed to provide relief and improve the lives of individuals suffering from chronic pain without drugs or surgery. Committed to pushing the boundaries of pain management, Neuragenex continuously aims to provide relief and improve the lives of individuals suffering from persistent pain.B

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