• Presentation of “Lafullen®” and “Croquis®” Procedures and Clinical Cases… Confirming Product Excellence and Safety
  • Biodegradable Polymer Filler “Lafullen®” Maintains Natural Volume for 2 Years
  • “Croquis®” Lifting Threads with Samyang’ expertise in Global Biodegradable Suture Threads

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On the 22nd of October, Samyang Holdings Biopharm Group (Represented by Young-joon Lee) presented clinical cases demonstrating the efficacy and safety of the biodegradable polymer filler “Lafullen®” and lifting threads “Croquis®” at the Korean Academy of Obesity & Aesthetic Treatment (KOAT) Annual Conference held at COEX in Gangnam, Seoul.

KOAT is the largest Korean medical aesthetics academy composed of 12,000 members, established in 2022. Samyang presented clinical cases for effective and safe procedures with Lafullen® and Croquis® at this academic conference.

The President of the KOAT, Dr. Seung-guk Hwang, the President of the Korean Filler Education & Research Academy, Dr. Jae-wook Lew, and the Operating Director of the Korean Filler Education & Research Academy, Dr. Ho-Won Lee, each took the stage to share the results they confirmed through procedures. President Hwang stated, “As the trends in the medical aesthetics market are shifting towards pursuing natural beauty, Lafullen® exhibits a natural volume resulting in high satisfaction among patients.”

Lafullen®, a dermal filler primarily composed of biodegradable polymer for medical use known as Polycaprolactone (PCL), with a duration of over 2 years. It provides a natural volume with less irritation, benefiting from Samyang’s patented technology. Samyang has been expanding into global dermal market with obtaining Lafullen® approval in Indonesia and signing a partnership agreement with Chinese medical devices and aesthetics specialist company for the export of Lafullen®.

Croquis® is a lifting thread primarily composed of Polydioxanone (PDO), a biocompatible polymer material. It embodies Samyang ‘ expertise in the field of biodegradable suture threads, received CE MDD (Medical Devices Directive) certification in 2019. It signed sales contracts in 18 countries worldwide, including the EU, Japan, and Latin America. It is also in the process of obtaining regulatory marketing approval in the US.

Samyang Holdings CEO Young-joon Lee stated, “Lafullen® and Croquis® are medical device products developed by Samyang through our in-house research and development, based on our extensive research in polymer materials,” and further mentioned, “We will continue accumulating clinical cases and research results from both domestic and international medical fields, aiming to substantiate their excellence and safety on an evidence-based foundation.”