HONG KONG, June 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — With the continuous improvement of mainland China’s healthcare standards, advantages such as expert consultations, no long waiting times, and affordable costs have attracted many Hong Kong residents to seek medical care in Shenzhen. Recently, Shenzhen TreeENT has been highly praised by Hong Kong residents. Many netizens on social media recommend TreeENT, noting that it provides medical services on par with those in Hong Kong, especially in addressing long waiting times and high costs for ENT specialists. For Hong Kong residents who face difficulties in booking appointments, long specialist waiting times, and high medical costs, TreeENT offers an efficient and affordable new option for their ENT health issues.

In Hong Kong, where the cost of living is relatively high, both public and private healthcare systems, despite offering extensive services, often frustrate residents with difficult appointment scheduling, long wait times, and high costs. Especially for specialist and day surgeries, patients often face prolonged waits. During holidays, the waiting time for emergency services exceeds 8 hours, and ENT patients sometimes wait up to two years for an initial consultation. Recent data shows that in the past 12 months (from April 1, 2023, to March 31, 2024), there were 10,000 new appointment cases for ENT specialist outpatient services. Facing these challenges, more Hong Kong residents are seeking medical services in other regions of the Greater Bay Area for a better experience and value.

Located in Futian, Shenzhen, TreeENT Health (abbreviated as TreeENT) is a medical institution within the Greater Bay Area’s one-hour medical circle, specializing in ENT diagnostics, minimally invasive surgery, and chronic disease management. TreeENT, with its advanced equipment and professional team, provides medical services of the same standard as Hong Kong, making it the preferred choice for many Hong Kong residents with sensory health issues.

In terms of cost, TreeENT’s value significantly surpasses that of medical services in Hong Kong. For example, ENT diagnosis in Hong Kong’s private hospitals generally start at HKD 1,000, with complete treatment costs starting at least HKD 50,000. At TreeENT, the specialist consultation fee is only RMB 380 (approximately HKD 430), with routine consultation costs around RMB 2,000 (approximately HKD 2,100), and surgery costs averaging RMB 40,000 (approximately HKD 43,100). This means that Hong Kong residents opting for TreeENT can significantly reduce their medical expenses, saving up to 70%. Moreover, TreeENT can quickly schedule surgeries within days, significantly shortening patient waiting times, which is hard to achieve in major Hong Kong hospitals.

Adhering to the core values of “Safe • Efficient and Warm,” TreeENT implements an efficient appointment system to reduce patient waiting times. For instance, TreeENT’s dedicated customer service can complete an appointment for a patient in just one minute. Upon arrival, patients can enjoy a professional consultation and examination within one hour. If surgery is needed, it can be arranged within a week, with same-day discharge. Because of the efficient appointment system, TreeENT’s doctors have more time to communicate with patients, ensuring each patient receives more comprehensive and personalized medical services.

Located in the core of the Greater Bay Area, TreeENT in Shenzhen leverages its convenient geographical advantage and advanced medical technology to provide high-quality medical services quickly accessible to Hong Kong residents. Just an hour’s drive away, Hong Kong residents can reach the clinic for treatment. Whether it is rhinitis, snoring, sleep apnea, ear infections, hearing loss, or other complex ENT issues, TreeENT can provide professional diagnosis and effective treatment.

In summary, for Hong Kong residents, choosing TreeENT Health in Shenzhen not only eliminates long wait times and high medical costs but also offers professional and attentive services. With its comprehensive services and warm environment, TreeENT has become the preferred medical institution for Greater Bay Area residents from Hong Kong, thoroughly addressing the challenges faced in the local healthcare system.